Minecraft RC2

Minecraft’s Release Candidate 2 is now available for download. It’s not the official release, rather a candidate for release for us to debug and find some places for improvement before they release it in a few days.

If you’re interested in the game – go ahead and buy it now to save $10. The price is going up to $28 USD.

Here’s the RC2 Changelist:

Changelist (will be updated):

  • Wooden doors, trapdoors now work correctly.
  • New sfx (also included in 1.8.1):
    • Enderman sounds
    • New hurt/death sounds for the player
    • New “hit” sounds
    • New explosion sounds
    • New item pickup sounds
    • New “toolbreak” sounds
    • New eating sounds
    • New arrow sounds
    • New blaze sounds
    • New XP pickup sounds
  • Quit game button!
  • Eggs spawn chicks instead of chickens. i.imgur.com/BSsKh.png
  • New “toolbreak” particle effect.
  • Bows have durability. i.imgur.com/YYgoI.png
  • Weapon bug from RC1 is fixed.
  • Shading on blocks in inventory! i.imgur.com/BRUAC.png

If you want the client, grab it here: http://assets.minecraft.net/rc2/minecraft.jar
If you want the server, grab it here: http://assets.minecraft.net/rc2/minecraft_server.jar