Bad PR Avenger Controllers

So Penny Arcade has covered a story in which a customer named Dave emailed the PR firm charged with handling the new Avenger Controller for the Xbox 360. The emails start getting worse and worse from Paul Christoforo, the president of the PR firm Ocean Marketing. He eventually tells Dave that no customer is special and that he’s going to put Dave’s two controllers on Ebay for $150 instead.

Dave forwards the emails to Mike Krahulik of Penny Arcade, who also happens to be in charge of PAX. He assures David that Ocean Marketing will not have a booth at any PAX events. Mike then exchanges a few emails with Paul, who goes off on an ego trip claiming that PAX is too small for him anyway (despite having the most attendees of any gaming expo in the US last year) and he could just call up the Mayor of Boston or the people who own the convention center if he wanted – because he knows everybody. The emails are both funny and saddening. Saddening because Ocean Marketing is tarnishing the reputation of the Avenger Controllers who have been using them for PR and marketing and they’re going to feel it where it hurts – the pocketbook.

Check out Penny Arcade’s post on their site about the whole ordeal.

Update: Avenger Controllers drops Ocean Marketing