Telltale Games on iPad

A while back we posted about Telltale games being loaned a Jeep that was decked out to look like the Jurassic Park jeeps and when the lender got it back, it was “damaged”. Turns out there’s always two sides to the story and people who were quick to grab their torches and pitchfork ended up with their foot in their mouth.

I’ve grown to love just about any game they put out recently (I’m looking at you, Puzzle Agent series!) and have most of them on Steam. While browsing the top free iPad apps a little earlier on the sofa I saw their Back to the Future Episode 1 app for free. Naturally I snatched it up as fast as my fingers could type my password and have only put it down long enough to write this article. I already own the game on Steam and while it makes a great game for the PC, Telltale’s casual episodic type games that really tie in with the movies and with the story work perfectly for the iPad. So much in fact that CEO Dan Connors says that the iPad is their fastest growing game segment. I’d believe it with the number of games they’ve put out for Apple’s tablet recently. They have everything from the Jurassic Park series out on the iPad to the Back to the Future to Sam and Max to Law and Order. After a $10 million revenue in 2010, I for one hope that means more and more content from them, be it on the PC, PS3, Xbox, Wii, or iPad. If you’re looking for a story driven casual game, be sure to check them out on any of those platforms!

Telltale Back to the Future iPad