Ubisoft Hacked

Apparently hackers have cracked Ubisoft’s uPlay and have gained access to the Ubisoft distribution system and can download games for free. It’s likely to be patched quickly but one game unfortunately (for Ubisoft) was downloaded that hasn’t even been released yet.

Ubisoft’s unannounced shooter Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is apparently lying on Ubisoft’s servers, available to download to those who have the exploit.

It’s already up on torrent sites for grabs and is sure to get someone fired at Ubisoft. Far Cry 3: Dragon Blood is rumored to be releasing on May 1st and transforms the jungle setting typically found in Far Cry to an 80’s sci-fi setting. Complete with some pretty sweet weapons to blow stuff up with, Dragon Blood is going to be a stand-alone open world game and won’t require Far Cry 3 to play it.