Starbound Preorder

The Starbound preorder has launched and you can now pick up a copy of the game (to be released sometime soon) and get in on the beta (also to be around the corner). There are several “tiers” of backing the game – sort of like with Kickstarter. You buy a specific preorder and you can contribute a larger amount to the game for additional goodies.  The basic preorder is $15 and will net you a copy of the game and a Steam key when it launches as well as a beta invite and a copy of the soundtrack (something like 66 tracks!). There’s also a “Buy 4-Pack” option for $45 (a 25% discount) so you can be generous and gift copies to your friends. Then there’s the Silver Tier for $20 which gives the same rewards + a “donor” badge for their forums. The Gold tier for $45 which gives you all of the above and a different forum badge and you get to name an NPC (keep in mind just how many names will be in the random procedural generation). The Diamond tier gets your name in the credits for $75. The Platinum tier lets you design a hat to be used in the game for $500, the Solarium tier for $1000 lets you design a weapon, and the Impervium tier nets you a statue of yourself to be used in-game.

Starbound Preorder Levels


All in-all pretty standard Kickstarter-style stuff here. I’m going to be grabbing myself an early copy so I can get in on the Beta. If you haven’t heard much about it – I’d suggest checking out some of the Starbound dev’s Youtube videos.