Feed The Beast

So several of us have been playing a little Feed The Beast modpack for Minecraft and I can’t express enough how much more enjoyment it’s brought back to Minecraft for me personally. I tend to play Minecraft in waves where I remember how much fun it is, play it for a month or so, and then quit playing once I’ve found myself some diamonds and everything seems kind of moot beyond that. With FTB Unleashed (the modpack that we use) there’s a hundred different types of machinery and new dimensions or biomes to explore.

They’ve just launched a new website and will be rolling out a new launcher to help you be able to pick and choose mods you wish to install and making a “private” modpack to share with your friends will be as easy as sending a mod list and configs. The launcher will do the rest.

If you’re trying to get back into the swing of Minecraft and just get bored, try grabbing the Feed The Beast launcher and giving one of the modpacks a shot. It adds tenfold more to the game than it comes with and you’ll likely run out of time to play it before you run out of things to do!