Steam Family Sharing

Steam has given it’s users something they’ve been asking about for a long time now: sharing their game library. With the beta coming soon, people will soon be able to share their library with friends and family members to play. There are a few stipulations to this as you’d expect. Namely: Two accounts can’t use a single library at the same time. If I’m playing Portal 2 and my friend who I’ve shared my library with wants to play Awesomenauts, he’ll have to wait. Likewise if he’s playing Awesomenauts via my shared library and I decide to play Portal 2, he will be given notification that he has a few minutes to either purchase the game or quit playing.

It’s really a great feature and with up to 10 devices allowed access to your shared library at a time, I don’t forsee any issues with it not being enough unless you’re trying to share your library with your entire clan or entire guild – in which case you’ve missed the point of “friends and family.”

There’s currently a topic in the forums discussing this upcoming feature. Be sure to check out the official Steam Family Sharing page.