TellTale Jurassic Jeep

Yesterday a guy named Boomerjinks over on Reddit’s r/gaming section posted about how his Jurrasic Park Jeep look-a-like was being borrowed by Telltale. He then told everyone that Telltale had buggered up his buggy while they had it and sent it back to him and pretty much ignored his requests for help fixing it. This all painted Telltale in a pretty bad light and like the Internet hivemind tends to do, people flew off the handle pissed off at Telltale for destroying this guys pretty badass Jeep.

People flocked to Telltale’s Facebook page to leave nasty messages and threats to the company and how they’d “lost their sale” because of the way they handled this debacle (because how many of us actually knew there was a Jurassic Park game coming out today??).

Soon we find another thread reaching the frontpage of r/gaming by an ex-employee of Telltale that says she received multiple threats of assault and was even asked by one man if she knew what it was like to be raped. All of this based on one guy’s claims. Let it be known: she doesn’t even work there any more. Her information was easily available on Reddit due to her meet-ups and get-togethers she puts on. She got 83 phone calls (according to Google voice), 41 Facebook messages, and 19 emails in total. Freaking despicable.

Later last night the founder of Telltale, Kevin Bruner, stopped by and made a post that soon went fronpage on r/gaming explaining their side of the story. He explains that the Jeep was damaged on the way to Seattle, before anyone from Telltale ever saw or touched it. Telltale used the shipping company that the owner asked us to use. When it arrived we just saw an awesome, well loved, but also well used, Jeep. We had no way of knowing that anything had happened to the Jeep in transport, as it appeared in reasonable condition. He also said that he will be fast tracking getting the Jeep fixed by paying for it personally.

The guy is obviously a stand up guy and the company is a small one that cares about it’s customers and is about writing, acting and atmosphere and not about blowing shit up. I’m personally going to give the Jurassic Park game a close look now because of this circumstance and I urge all of you not to get so wound up over things and to put your pitchforks and torches in the back of the closet and keep them there.