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EA Sues Zynga for Copyright Infringement

EA Sues Zynga

Boom! Saturday update out of nowhere. In gaming news however there’s a bit going on – EA has filed against Zynga alleging copyright infringement. I don’t believe there’s a popular game out there that Zynga hasn’t copied and put on Facebook or the iOS app store. EA knows that and didn’t really care much about Zynga’s business practices until they released “The Ville” which is a clear ripoff of Maxis’ The Sims Social. Since Maxis is an EA studio, Zynga’s stepping on some mighty heavy toes. Here’s the whole complaint. If you don’t feel like reading the whole thing, at least look at the pictures. They make it pretty obvious that it’s a blatant ripoff even stealing artwork directly from The Sims Social. If there’s one company you don’t want to aggro – it’s EA.


Another Day Another Lawsuit

Another Day, Another Lawsuit

Spry Fox, maker of popular Facebook game (and now iOS and Android app) Triple Town has filed lawsuit against 6Waves LOLAPPS for copyright infringement with their iOS game Yeti Town. That phrase “copyright infringement” is thrown around all too often today, but in the case of Spry Fox it was definitely necessary and an obvious abuse of trust.

6waves was in confidential (under NDA) negotiations with Spry Fox to publish Triple Town for iOS at the exact same time that they were actively copying the game. They gave 6waves private access to Triple Town when it was still in closed beta, months before the public was exposed to the game. Spry Fox believed those negotiations were ongoing, and continued to give private information to 6waves, until 6waves’ Executive Director of Business Development sent them a message via Facebook on the day Yeti Town was published in which he suddenly broke off negotiations and apologized for the nasty situation.

It’s not huge news, but it could be a deciding factor and case used for future lawsuits with the hundreds of companies copying and profiting from other people’s games such as Minecraft, Tiny Wings, and loads of others by companies like Zynga.


Bad PR For Avenger Controllers

Bad PR Avenger Controllers

So Penny Arcade has covered a story in which a customer named Dave emailed the PR firm charged with handling the new Avenger Controller for the Xbox 360. The emails start getting worse and worse from Paul Christoforo, the president of the PR firm Ocean Marketing. He eventually tells Dave that no customer is special and that he’s going to put Dave’s two controllers on Ebay for $150 instead.

Dave forwards the emails to Mike Krahulik of Penny Arcade, who also happens to be in charge of PAX. He assures David that Ocean Marketing will not have a booth at any PAX events. Mike then exchanges a few emails with Paul, who goes off on an ego trip claiming that PAX is too small for him anyway (despite having the most attendees of any gaming expo in the US last year) and he could just call up the Mayor of Boston or the people who own the convention center if he wanted – because he knows everybody. The emails are both funny and saddening. Saddening because Ocean Marketing is tarnishing the reputation of the Avenger Controllers who have been using them for PR and marketing and they’re going to feel it where it hurts – the pocketbook.

Check out Penny Arcade’s post on their site about the whole ordeal.

Update: Avenger Controllers drops Ocean Marketing