Star Wars F2P Goes Live Nov 15


Tully Ackland, the Community Executive for BioWare, announced a little earlier on his Twitter that SWTOR F2P will be going live on November 15th just in time for patch 1.5:

“So, the Star Wars: The Old Republic Free-to-play option is coming November 15, the same time as Game Update 1.5! “

Looks like it’s time to fire up my installer again!


Origin Adds Ability to Stream to

Origin Streaming Twitch

In a bizarre turn of events we see EA’s Origin offering up something that Steam hasn’t yet discussed or made possible. In the next Origin update you’ll be able to launch your Origin games (and also add non-Origin games) and stream them directly to, the popular video game streaming service. Normally this would require a third party program to be running, set up to capture certain parts of the screen, and then configure the sound and video settings, and finally troubleshoot different issues you may have. With Origin you simply press Shift+F1, click the “Twitch Video Broadcast” button, log in and give your stream a name and adjust the audio levels depending on whether or not you want to use a mic or not, and click Start. There are settings where you can go in and adjust different settings such as the video resolution (no word on max resolution, normally third party programs will limit you in some way with the audio being mono or a low quality or the video being restricted to a lower resolution until you purchase the full program or pay a monthly subscription fee).

Origin Streaming

See that screenshot up there? Did we mention that EA is giving away Battlefield 1942 for FREE on Origin? That’s right, you should pick it up and install one of the dozens of mods that make the game unique and more fun than ever before.


Zombie Grinder

Came across a pretty fun looking game today called Zombie Grinder by Twin Drills. It’s certainly not new but it’s improved a lot in the time that it’s been available on Desura. It’s still in it’s Alpha phase and it’s free but you can donate to support them and receive some pretty cool stuff¬† like a laser cannon and a flare gun. Looks like it would be fun to play with some friends on one of the endless waves modes. If you want to try it out, pick it up directly from Twin Drill’s website or on Desura.