SWTOR F2P Details


SWTOR’s site was updated with a bit more detail on what exactly the free-to-play side would receive. The main limitations are 3 Flashpoints weekly and 3 Warzones weekly. You can buy weekly passes to give you a weeks worth of access to the full version of the game and you’ll have to pick one up if you’re wanting to do Operations at all. Another big drawback is that you’ll have to have a license from the Cartel to actually equip most purple items. Overall it’s not a bad deal considering with low subscription numbers the main draw to the game will be it’s engrossing story line – all of which is completely available for free-to-play players.

One thing to note is that there’s still no date other than “coming this fall.” It’s middle of October – I’m kind of ready to reinstall this game, hurry up Bioware!


Minecraft Updated on Xbox

Minecraft has been updated on the Xbox to include pretty much everything that’s available on the PC version. Version 1.8.2 brings about villagers and villages, ravines, combat upgrades, farming upgrades, Endermen, music discs, and a whole lot more. Check out the full release here on Mojang’s blog or watch the Youtube video.


TF2 Commentary Videos

Sensi, longtime member of the Elders and forum member here has been making a fairly extensive amount of TF2 commentary videos on Youtube and after watching a few I decided that more people should see them and/or be aware of them as there’s a lot of good play-advice and some pretty funny moments. His Medic commentary video uploaded a few days ago is below. Be sure to check out his channel if you’re looking for some pointers or to see how some other people are playing and if anything they do can work for you!