Starbound Beta

Starbound’s beta should start today and should be on Steam around 12pm Central (US) time. For you Pacific-Coast guys that’s 10am and for you East-Coast guys that’s 1pm. It should be around $15 or so on Steam (a benefit of early adoption) and is likely to go up to Minecraft-price after full release. You can go ahead and buy it now on their website if you want and will get a Steam key later on today after it’s on Steam. One thing to remember – is that this is the very first iteration of public beta, so there will be patches and updates daily and you may get updated with changes that force you to start your character or world from scratch. Don’t be too bummed out by this because it’s an early release and every patch or update they roll out is fixing bugs or possibly adding content. For those of you who played Minecraft during it’s beta will surely remember starting new worlds in order to generate new “chunks” filled with the new biomes or structures, etc.

Here’s a trailer to get you as excited as we are.