Minecraft for Android

Yesterday Mojang released the Minecraft Pocket Edition for Android OS. It’s currently only available on the Xperia Play for a limited time and will be released to other Android devices after that. It costs $6.99 and does support multiplayer over wifi. It’s more or less “Creative Mode” on a portable device as it doesn’t look like there’s any combat or monsters in this version.

Jeb, one of the Minecraft developers over at Mojang was asked if it was coming to iOS devices and he replied “soon” (source).

I’d personally like it if it was created large enough for the iPad as well as ported to the 3DS. I’d also like to be able to move the worlds from my PC to my gaming device. That way I could grab a single player world, play it a bit while I was out, and put it back on my PC and pick up when I get home.

It’s available on the Android Market.


PS3 Price Drop

Sony dropped the price of the PS3 today down to $250. Might be worth it if you’ve been wanting a console system for a while but haven’t pulled the trigger on one. I use mine for the occasional Gran Turismo race and for loads of Netflix and Blurays. Source: Playstation.com


New BF 3 Caspian Border Video

EA uploaded a new BF3 gameplay video today and it’s another visual-stunner like the last ones. Yeah sure the first half-minute is nothing but logos and other fanfare, but it’s worth sitting through. For those of you who preordered the game already, you’ll be getting early access to the game before everyone else!! Almost makes me want to preorder… almost!